The SM7511 is a stereo audio power amplifier that drives 3 W/channel of continuous RMS power into a 3-Ω load. Advanced dc volume control minimizes external components and allows BTL (speaker) volume control and SE (headphone) volume control. Notebook and pocket PCs benefit from the integrated feature set that minimizes external components without sacrificing functionality.


To simplify design, the speaker volume level is adjusted by applying a dc voltage to the VOLUME terminal. Likewise, the delta between speaker volume and headphone volume can be adjusted by applying a dc voltage to the SEDIFF terminal. To avoid an unexpected high volume level through the headphones, a third terminal, SEMAX, limits the headphone volume level when a dc voltage is applied. Finally, to ensure a smooth transition between active and shutdown modes, a fade mode ramps the volume up and down.



  • Advanced DC Volume Control With 2-dB Steps
    From -40 dB to 20 dB
    - Fade Mode
    - Maximum Volume Setting for SE Mode
    - Adjustable SE Volume control
      Referenced to BTL Volume Control
  • 3 W Into 3 -Ω Speakers
  • Stereo Input MUX
  • Differential Inputs


  • Notebook PC
  • LCD Monitors
  • Packet PC
  • Portable DVD
  • Mini Speaker
  • Digital Photo Frame


  • SM7511 Datasheet
  • SM7511 Audio Power Amplifier Evaluation Board User Guide
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