The SM6802/ SM6803/ SM6804 are White/Blue LED Driver for Li-Ion Battery Application. No external component is required. Especially good for use Li-ion battery powered LCD display's backlight white LEDs. The special circuit design provides over 90% efficiency in low noise.


The SM6802/SM6803/SM6804 is Integrated with 16-step programmable output sink current for LEDs brightness control.


Target end applications are color LCD display, such as mobile phone with color display, smart phone, PDA, etc.




Initial LED

Sink Current

Max. LED

Sink Current



SM6802 20mA 20mA 2
SM6803 20mA 20mA 3
SM6804 20mA 20mA 4



  • No external component required.
  • Programmable output current control, programming range 25% to 100% in 16 steps for LED brightness control.
  • Initial LED sink current 20 mA
  • 2 channels (SOT-25), 3 channels (SOT-26/TSOP 6), 4 channels (MSOP-8) available.
  • 90% efficiency.
  • Supply voltage range 3.0 V ~ 5.0 V
  • 0.1uA standby current
  • Constant Output Current Matching :


  • Small site color LED Backlights
  • Mobile Phone, Smart Phone Keypad Backlights
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