SM6723 is a 3-Channel Constant Current output for RGB LED driver. It is easily to be designed in applications that need mixing RGB light sources for multi-color output. SM6723 is a 14/13/8 bit PWM enabled LED driver, specially designed for LED lighting or display application. This 3-Channel Constant Current can be able to set up by 3 external resistor individually (IOUT=5~80mA), and built-in oscillator for PWM function. SM6723 guarantees to endure maximum 17V at the output. This IC is monolithic integrated circuit designed by CMOS process.


  • 3 output channels for RGB LED driver
  • Constant current output:Output current can be set up by 3 external resistor for 5~80mA individually
  • Maximum clock frequency: Fck=10MHZ Cascade Connect Operate, Topr=25°C
  • Maximum sinking output voltage = 17V.
  • TTL compatible input
  • 14/13/8 bit PWM control
  • 3.3V~6V supply voltage
  • Package SOP 16 / SSOP 16 with / without thermal pad
  • Positive and negative output selection with POL pin


  • LED Decorative Lighting
  • Indoor/Outdoor LED Video Message Display
  • PWM Signal Generator
  • Multi-color (color-variable) LED backlight for portable devices
  • Keypad backlight
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