The SM6726 is specifically designed for LED display constant current drivers. This constant current output circuits is able to setup by external resistor (IOUT = 5 ~ 90mA @ VDD=3.3V~6V). This IC is monolithic integrated circuit designed to be used together with CMOS process. The devices consist of 16 bit shift register, latch, and Constant Current Drivers.


  • 16 Constant Current Output Channels:Can be setup all output current with one external resistor for 5 to 90mA @ VDD=3.3V~6V
  • Maximum Output Voltage: 17V
  • Maximum Clock Frequency :25 MHz (Cascade Connect Operate, Topr=25°C)
  • 5V/3.3V CMOS Compatible Input
  • Package Type:SKINNY-DIP 24 , SP-DIP 24 , SOP 24, SOP 24 with 1.00 pitch , SSOP 24, and TSSOP 24 with thermal pad


  • Full-color LED Display
  • Message & Information Display
  • LED Sign Board for Outdoor/Indoor
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